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What Are Examples of Industrial Machinery?

Metalworking and fabrication machines shape, cut, join, and finish metal materials into desired products or components.

If you want to enhance your production needs, you can buy used or new equipment from reputed industrial machinery dealers. Here are examples of industrial machinery in the metalworking and fabrication space:

Computer Numerical Control Milling Machines

Computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines are used for drilling holes in metal components for consistent hole size, depth, and placement. They can also create intricate parts with precision, creating 3D shapes, contours, and complex features.

Some CNC machines have automatic tool length measurement probes for accurate tool positioning and to compensate for tool wear.

Many CNC mills have automatic tool changers that can store multiple cutting tools. This functionality allows the machine to change tools automatically during a machining operation, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Some CNC milling machines offer remote monitoring and connectivity features, allowing operators to monitor the machine processes and receive alerts remotely.


Shears cut sheet metal into various shapes and sizes, including straight lines, rectangles, and squares. You can buy different types of shears such as mechanical, CNC, or hydraulic from industrial machinery dealers.

CNC shears are computer-controlled to allow for precise and automated cutting, while hydraulic shears use hydraulic systems for cutting.

Mechanical shears are operated manually or through power sources like hand cranks or foot pedals. Shears have safety features such as safety curtains, emergency stop buttons, and interlocks to protect operators from accidents. These machines often have an adjustable back gauge that determines the length of the cut.

Die Separators

Die separators separate and eject finished parts or components from dies, molds, or stamping tools. With a consistent and controlled ejection process, die separators help maintain the integrity and quality of finished parts.

Controlled ejection also reduces wear and tear on dies, potentially extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Modern hydraulic separators feature an interface where operators can set and adjust parameters like ejection force and speed.

Hydraulic systems offer precise control over the ejection force, allowing for gentle and accurate part removal in intricate metal parts. The controlled and predictable nature of hydraulic ejection may help minimize the risk of operator injuries.

Welding Equipment

In the metalworking and fabrication industry, welding equipment joins metals by melting their edges and fusing them. You can choose arc welders or spot welders for your metalworking projects.

Arc welders generate an electric arc between an electrode and the workpiece to melt and fuse the materials.

Spot welders have electrodes that apply pressure to the workpieces and pass an electric current through them during welding.

These welders generate heat during welding, so they often include a cooling system to prevent overheating of the electrodes which can help them maintain their longevity. Some welding machines have computerized systems that control welding parameters and sequences.

Radial Drills

Drills are versatile power tools used for creating holes in metal components for industrial applications. Radial drills have a spindle that rotates to drive the drill bit based on the spindle speed and feed rate. These drills can be equipped with boring bars and tools to enlarge or refine existing holes in workpieces.

Advanced radial drills feature digital readouts that display precise measurements for spindle position, arm height, and angles. They can also have built-in coolant systems to control heat and remove metal chips during drilling.

Buy From Trusted Industrial Machinery Dealers

A few common industrial machinery products include radial drills, welding equipment, CNC milling machines, shears, and die separators. When buying such machines, check the features that meet your production needs.

You can also inquire about after-sales support, including maintenance, repair services, and the availability of replacement parts. Invest in quality metalworking and fabrication machines that can help boost production for your business. Start your search for reputable industrial machinery dealers today.

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