Home Business NoBroker Money Back Plan Review: A Game-Changer for Real Estate Industry?

NoBroker Money Back Plan Review: A Game-Changer for Real Estate Industry?

Selling real estate has changed dramatically because of services like NoBroker. Websites like NoBroker offer streamlined services in place of the inefficient process of dealing with numerous intermediaries and paying high brokerage fees.

Their method has streamlined property transactions, making them more accessible and affordable. Let’s continue deeper into my NoBroker money back plan review.

Overview of the Money Back Plans by NoBroker

The NoBroker Relax and Super Relax plans differ significantly from the Money Back and Super Money Back plans. 

Although the Relax and Super Relax plans include all aspects of property promotion and support, they do not include assured buyers or a money-back guarantee. The Money Back and Super Money Back plans, on the other hand, stand out for their dedication to finding a buyer within a certain time frame or offering a refund. Despite the higher cost, these plans provide a safety net and guarantee a return on investment.

The Money Back Plan, priced at ₹16,499 +18% GST for 6 months, guarantees a successful sale or refund. It provides crucial functions such as property advertising, relationship management, and Facebook marketing. The Super Money Back Plan, priced at ₹20,999 + 18% GST for 6 months, includes additional services such as a personal field assistant and property showing on behalf of the seller.

In terms of NoBroker customer reviews, the Money Back plans have received praise for their reliability. While some may have NoBroker scam or NoBroker complaints, viewing these plans positively demonstrates NoBroker’s commitment to resolving difficulties and guaranteeing customer happiness.

As per my NoBroker money back plan review, it provides a safety net for sellers, making them aware of an attractive option in the volatile real estate market. Despite the somewhat higher price, the guarantee of a successful sale or a refund increases their appeal, making them an appealing option for sellers looking for a dependable and efficient selling experience.

How to Book the NoBroker Money Back Plan Online?

1.Visit the NoBroker.in website or download the mobile application and go to the “Sell/Rent” area.
2.Select the Money Back plan from the available options.
3.Enter the property details and choose the period (6 months).
4.Make full payment for the plan (₹16,499 + 18% GST).
5.NoBroker assigns a relationship manager to provide direction.
6.The property is promoted both on-site and through Facebook marketing.
7.Enjoy privacy while your manager responds to requests.
8.Receive only quality buyer leads that meet your criteria.
9.Benefit from faster property closures with verified purchasers.

4 Benefits of the NoBroker Money back Plans

  1. Relax Plan: This three-month plan costs ₹7,499 +18% GST and includes property promotion, coaching from a Relationship Manager, effective Facebook marketing, and privacy protection for your contact information.
  2. The Super Relax Plan, priced at ₹13,499 +18% GST for 3 months, includes a personal field assistant, property display, and a professional photoshoot for improved presentation.
  3. The Money Back Plan, priced at ₹16,499 +18% GST for 6 months, ensures consumers receive a refund within the specified duration. It features property promotion, a relationship manager, Facebook marketing, and privacy protection.
  4. The Super Money Back Plan, priced at ₹20,999 +18% GST for 6 months, includes a personal field assistant, property display, and a professional photoshoot.

These plans address a variety of demands and schedules, providing bespoke options for property sellers, each with its own set of benefits.

3 Reasons Property Sellers Must Use NoBroker Money Back Plan

The NoBroker Money Back Plan offers property sellers compelling benefits, making it a must-use option:

  1. Guaranteed Sale or Refund Assurance: Sellers benefit from the guarantee of a successful sale or a refund within the given timeframe. This assurance reduces the uncertainty involved in property transfers, providing peace of mind and financial stability. The offer of a refund in the event of a non-sale demonstrates NoBroker’s confidence in its ability to produce results, which aligns with sellers’ desires for a risk-free selling experience.
  2. Qualified Buyer Leads: The plan ensures that sellers only receive qualified buyer leads that match their unique property needs. This filtering procedure, coordinated by a professional relationship manager, saves sellers time by removing irrelevant requests. The emphasis on connecting sellers with genuine and serious buyers increases the likelihood of a successful transaction.
  3. Enhanced Marketing and Support: By promoting properties on NoBroker’s platform and using effective social media marketing, the Money Back Plan increases property visibility. Furthermore, the direction and support of a relationship manager throughout the selling process streamline operations by providing sellers with professional assistance, increasing property visibility, and ensuring effective communication with potential purchasers.

This unique plan not only protects but also streamlines the selling process, making it smoother and more effective. My personal NoBroker money-back plan review demonstrates how this strategy created confidence, resulting in a safe and hassle-free experience that contributed to a successful property acquisition.


The NoBroker.in Money Back Plan emerges as an excellent option for real estate sellers looking for a safe and efficient selling experience. Its assurance of a sale or refund, combined with filtered quality leads and strong marketing support, indicates trustworthiness.

Positive feedback from NoBroker scam victims highlights the platform’s integrity, while well-handled NoBroker complaints demonstrate the platform’s commitment to customer pleasure. With positive NoBroker reviews from Quora and NoBroker google reviews, the company cements its position as a reliable option for sellers looking for a hassle-free property transaction.

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