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5 Tips for Hiring a Local Fencing Company In 2023

Investing in a fence for your home or business provides security and enhances the value of your property. If you want to attain a fence’s functional and aesthetic benefits, choose the right fence company. Here are five tips for hiring local fencing companies:

1. Check the Fence Type Installation

Check if the company specializes in the type of fence you want, such as security, privacy, or picket and short fences.

Security fences enhance safety and deter unauthorized access to residential or commercial properties. They are tall to prevent easy climbing, boosting security.

Privacy fences create a barrier that shields your property from view and provides isolation for residents. The fences feature solid panels without gaps. Pickets and short fences define property boundaries, add curb appeal, and offer a decorative touch.

Picket fences feature an open design with spaced vertical slats or pickets, allowing visibility and interaction with other neighbors.

2. Look for Companies with Material Expertise

If you have a particular material in mind, like wood, vinyl, or aluminum, ascertain whether the company has experience working with it.

Wood material requires proper sealing or staining to protect it from moisture and decay. Fencing companies can apply special coatings to aluminum to resist corrosion.

Vinyl fencing needs precise assembly to prevent warping or sagging over time. Aluminum and vinyl fencing can be suitable for different climates due to their resilience, while wood might not do well in rainy areas. You can find companies that buy the materials in bulk and offer them at reasonable prices.

3. Consider Gate Installation and Automation

If you require gates as part of your fence project, consider the different gate styles, operation mechanisms, and whether you want gate automation.

You can choose swing gate styles that open inward or outward and are suitable for most residential properties. Sliding Gates could be ideal when space is limited or if your driveway has an incline.

Consider the select manual operation for small gates or an automatic operation featuring electric gate openers for convenience and security.

Gate automation comes with sensors that prevent the gate from closing if an obstruction is detected. Other features include keypad entry, intercom systems, or card readers that enhance security.

4. Ask About Permits

The fencing company should be well-informed about the local zoning codes and regulations related to fence installation. These codes can vary from one jurisdiction to another and may dictate fence height, materials, colors, and placement.

Find out if the local authorities require specific documentation, such as site plans, drawings, or property surveys, as part of the permit application.

Clarify whether the fencing company can handle the permit application process on your behalf or if it’s your responsibility as the property owner. Many reputable companies offer assistance with permit applications as part of their service.

5. Discuss Fence Installation Timeline

Understanding the fence installation timeline can help you plan and manage your project effectively. The timeline can include site preparation, like clearing vegetation, grading, or addressing obstructions. The company can also allocate time for quality assurance checks throughout the installation process to maintain artistry standards. 

After installation, fencing experts can clean up and remove debris if it’s part of their services. Review the contract to see whether it has the estimated timeline and clauses pertaining to extensions and delays.

Hire Reputable Fencing Companies

Reputed fencing companies provide detailed, written estimates outlining the work scope, materials, and labor costs. They can offer customized services to clients who want personalized fencing designs.

These companies are also licensed and insured, boosting trust and reputation. Hire reliable fencing experts who can provide samples of their past work and designs, and check them out today.

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