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12  Ways to Improve Your Work Productivity

Maximizing productivity is crucial to stay progressive and competitive but it becomes a major challenge nowadays.

To give a push to your productivity, it is important to make your computer use more efficiently. The following tips will help you to improve work productivity and stay confident.

Don’t Run Multiple Apps Simultaneously

To save the time of opening multiple apps again and again throughout the day, people mostly leave several apps running simultaneously. But this can be troublesome. Leaving these apps idle can result in consuming system resources. So, close them to let other apps process faster.

Keep Your Computer Updated

Regularly updating your Mac or Windows and software can address existing problems and provide new features and functionality. It may reduce security vulnerabilities and make your device work smoothly. You can update the system or program manually or set automatic updates.

Limit Distractions

Multiple reports proved that an average user receives more than 45 notifications daily. A study by the University of California Irvine states that it requires about 23 minutes to come to track after being distracted. So, learning how to turn on do not disturb on mac can minimize distractions and allow you to work uninterruptedly.      

Combine Messaging Apps

Using multiple messaging apps can be time-consuming and distractive. Instead of that, you can bring several messaging apps together. Use reliable apps that streamline all multiple IM (instant messaging) apps into a single managing app. It will help you reduce notifications and focus more on enhancing work productivity.     

Limit Startup Programs

When you log in to your computer, lots of programs start automatically by default. For example, Microsoft Teams. These programs may not cause any disruption but consume precious system resources during booting. Rather than closing them individually, enable or disable the app you need to change by clicking ‘Start Up’ in the Task Manager.  

Navigate Faster Using Shortcuts

Typing in the long website address or clicking on multiple folders to reach the destination can consume lots of time. You can improve work productivity by using shortcuts in a browser as well as the desktop and completing more tasks quickly. Moreover, it can boost your typing skills and help you lock your screen.  

Install Password Managers

Working professionals have to use multiple accounts so remembering and typing lots of unique passwords can be somehow annoying. Using password managers reduces that frustration by storing all passwords in one account. You have to memorize just the master password. It will speed up the process by auto-filling in credentials while storing them safely.

Restart Your PC

Most people nowadays have a habit of leaving their Mac or Windows computers idle without restarting them for longer. Restarting is essential at least once a week. The longer you avoid restarting, the more it is likely to deal with issues. Restarting and shutting down can resolve network drive issues and hardware problems like noisy fans.

Store Data on the Cloud

Most people are using cloud storage to save their data. They are saving sensitive data on the offsite server of Microsoft’s OneDrive. Cloud storage provides the ease and redundancy of accessing data at any time on any type of device ensuring internet connectivity. You can also access them offline by turning on the feature to retrieve documents remotely.

Swap SMS with Authenticator App

Why wait for a text message or an email to receive a one-time code when you can get it quickly in real-time? Yes! It is possible by using an authenticator app that is more reliable and faster. This app can generate it on your mobile phone preventing frustration and saving valuable time. Moreover, this app works locally and provides an additional layer of security.

Delete Unused Data and Apps

Sort out the data and apps you no longer need and delete them to keep your computer organized. Uninstalling the apps, which you hardly open can free up lots of storage on your device and create more space for new data. It is easy to collect the unnecessary apps, services you no longer need, and games you’re not interested in playing anymore.   

Block Non-Work-Related Websites

Visiting websites that are not related to your work can affect your work productivity by causing distractions. Checking social media notifications can consume a lot of time per day and divert your mind. So, block access to social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. using URL filters.


Implementing these tips will not only help complete your tasks quickly and improve productivity but also enhance your overall work experience. Keeping a consistent schedule will keep you focused and serve with enough time to manage unforeseen emergencies. The bonus point is keeping your workspace organized and taking breaks frequently.

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