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Why Cox Is Being Called The Future Network?


Cox Communications is offering its services in 19 states of the US and being the 3rd biggest broadband network and service provider, they never compromised on the perks they give to the users.

Cox aims to expand the network so that it can reach more and more. Cox has been a network who values their customer or in fact I would say Cox will value your money and you will get what you ask.

I don’t think I would be wrong if I say Cox Internet has already captured the market and is on its dream run as they have already planned to move ahead and be the leaders in the market by connecting the remaining dots and the remaining dots would be reaching to more users.

Why is Cox being called ‘future’?

The reason is straight and very clear because Cox is not just an internet service provider but also a service provider that offer 3 more services other than the internet, services like; Cox Phone, Cox Contour TV and Cox Homelife.

Any service or any technology would only be considered ‘futuristic’ when they fill the gap and fulfill the need of society. For example, if Cox is the first one to start a Homelife Security, they filled the gap. How about we look into their Internet Plans and Packages and what services they offer in 2023?

Cox Internet Plans

Cox communications arrives with 5 different tiers depending upon the need of consumers.

Go Fast

The first and the most basic plan comes with a good 100mb per second and if you want to check your feed or want to text someone, then this tier would definitely work for you even if you want to connect up to 3 devices, you are good to go with this plan.

Go Faster

If you are a reel addict and watch reel till midnight then you just relax because the package would definitely fascinate you as this comes up to 250mbps download speed which is really cool and if you want to watch your favorite movies on YouTube, the package is only for you.

Even Faster

Let’s suppose, you are watching your favorite web series on Netflix with your friends and suddenly it starts buffer just because you are using your local internet, but if you would buy Cox Go Even Faster, your life will be at ease because watching Netflix in HD and that too nonstop without any lag.

Sounds fun, right? All you can have in this package because the tier comes with flashy 500mbps download speed.


Super-Fast is considered to be their basic in premium category as they are offering crazy 1gb per second of download speed so if you are into playing competitive games and you want to be a streamer then this package should be your preference as this plan comes with blazing 1gbps of download speed.

Beyond Fast

Beyond Fast is the most premium package in the bundle because this package offers up to 2gbps download and the thing that might disappoint you a little is, it might not be available in your area as Cox is planning to expand the network but sooner or later, you might get lucky too.

Now let’s talk about what makes Cox even better.


Most important thing any user would need is a good speed in internet, right? Well Cox provides you a good speed internet and the best part would be the “constant speed” unlike other local home providers because you and your entire neighborhood is linked to a single point, where in Cox you get internet point just next to your door.

Customer Support

You would not get such amazing facility in any local internet but in Cox you get 24/7 availability of Customer Support System so you don’t need to worry about anything.


I believe there should be no comparison between Cox and any other network because the facilities they offer to their user are amazing. If you still choose to be a person who sits near your router just to have better connection because you are using local internet, up to you. I would highly recommend to step towards the future and future is a good fiber internet, when you talk about a good fiber internet, I hear Cox Internet. Make a good choice.

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