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What Happens at a Professional Dog Grooming Appointment?

Professional dog grooming services can help keep your furry friend healthy, fresh, and happy. The services provide an opportunity for the groomer to bond with your canine and check it for various problems like parasites and allergies.

Here are a few things to expect when you take your dog to a professional grooming appointment:


Groomers bathe canines to eliminate dirt on their coats and keep them smelling good. Proper bathing can help reduce the amount of fur your canine sheds and promote a cleaner or allergy-free home. Dog grooming experts know the best shampoos to wash your canine with and how to moisturize or soothe the dog’s skin.

Some supplies that give dogs good bathing experiences include lukewarm water, a dog brush, and towels. An oily, dry, smelly, or parasite-infested coat is a sign that your furry friend needs a bath. 


Grooming involves brushing a dog’s coat to remove the excess fur tangles or knots. An experienced groomer can gently comb a canine with matted fur for a pain-free experience. Professional dematting helps eliminate ticks, fleas, and other parasites hidden under the dog’s fur.

Excessive matting can cause lots of discomfort for your dog. If your furry friend has matted fur, schedule an appointment with a groomer to protect its skin from potential fungal or bacterial diseases. 

Eye and Ear Cleaning

Grooming service providers clean dogs’ eyes to prevent gunk accumulation. Eye gunk appears when a canine’s eyes get irritated by foreign materials like hair or dust. Other forms of discharge a groomer can remove from a dog’s eyes include crust, mucus, or pus.

Proper eye cleaning protects canines from glaucoma, eye allergies, and other infections that result from discharge buildup. Groomers perform ear cleaning to remove the excess debris or wax accumulated in your canine’s ear canals. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria that cause an ear infection known as otitis.

Hair and Nail Trimming

Groomers use specialized scissors to cut loose and untangle dog hair. Hair trimming also allows dog groomers to identify and remove dandruff and other dead skin cells. The service can make your dog more comfortable because of the improved coat air circulation.

Nail trimming prevents a canine’s claws from overgrowing, curving back to the paw, and causing mobility problems. This grooming service can help your dog enjoy better body balance, posture, and safe play with other canines.

A grooming specialist can soften your dog’s claws by soaking them in water before trimming. This helps prevent the nails from cracking or breaking and causing pain. A dog with shortened nails can’t scratch and damage your furniture, floor, or electronics.

Schedule a Dog Grooming Appointment

Professional dog grooming services help keep canines free from parasites and bacteria that cause life-threatening infections. An experienced groomer knows how to do nail trimming, dematting, teeth brushing, and overall dog cleaning safely and efficiently. Look for a professional service provider with the proper tools and experience to groom your canine. Start your search for a reputable dog grooming clinic in your area.

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