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War of Battle Royales – PUBG vs Fortnite vs COD Mobile vs Free Fire vs Apex Legends

Are you even a Battle Royale fan if you haven’t played these games? Be it PUBG, Fortnite, COD, Free Fire, or Apex Legends; all these games are top-class. Enthralling graphics with electrified gameplay, these games are delightful for any Battle Royale lover.

Most people must have played any one of them. However, enthusiast gamers might’ve experienced all of them. They may be able to differentiate among them. However, for starters, it’ll be confusing to opt for one.

In this article, a detailed comparison will be done. We’ll discuss the maps, gameplay, game modes, weapons, and all major features. Knowing every detail, select the one that appeases you. So, without further ado, let the match begin:


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds famously known as PUBG is renowned among the masses. PUBG is regarded as the pioneer of the Battle Royale on mobile devices by many gaming pandits.

PUBG offers a variety of game modes, depending on what you want to play. Other than classic, it also offers arcade, arena, and EvoGround (Payload Mode). It allows you to play solo, duo, or in a team of four.

Offering up to 9 exciting maps, PUBG offers scenic views with different terrains. For example, Sanhok offers a lush green scenery where crouching is the best strategy. While the desert map – Miramar is best for sniping, Vikendi and Livik offer an environment for close fights.

However, Erangle is the first choice of most players. Simply because it offers a bit of everything. A wide range of weapons are available. Spanning from melee weapons to machine guns, this game has it all.

Depending upon the luck, players can collect up to two primary weapons with one secondary gun. With each update, PUBG ensures to enhance their graphics. Since its advent in 2017, the graphics have become a lot richer. Also, depending on the device’s compatibility, users can adjust the graphics.

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2. COD Mobile:

Call of Duty Mobile was launched in 2019. It shook the Battle Royale world as many PC COD lovers were waiting for Activision to make their move. COD has two primary modes – Multiplayer and Battle Royale Mode.

In multiplayer mode, you can select the core modes. It includes the frontline, team deathmatch, domination, hardpoint, free-for-all all, and many others. However, special modes such as Standoff – Halloween, Snipers only, Gun Games, and Prop Hunt can be obtained by battle pass.

In the Battle Royale mode, you can play solo, duo, or team. Only two maps are offered in Battle Royale mode – Isolated and Blackout. Also, you can play as FPP or TPP. Activision adds a variety of skins and guns with each update and every passing season.

There are roughly around 99 weapons in the game, spanning different categories. The graphics of COD are more realistic than any other Battle Royale mobile game. From low to high, the users can adjust graphic settings compatible with the device.

3. Fortnite:

Not as realistic as PUBG or COD, but Fortnite provides an altogether different experience of Battle Royale. The core mode of Fortnite includes the Battle Royale Classic. The arcade mode, however, contains different modes such as Creative and Save the World. With each update, modes are added to the arcade section.

One distinctive feature of Fortnite is unlike any other Battle Royale, you can construct your defenses. Depending upon the loot, different structures and buildings can be constructed to help you.

Unlike other Battle Royales, Fortnite does not offer a multitude of maps. The game offers a single map, which constantly changes with each update. Different sceneries and locations are added as the season starts.

Offering around 30 guns, the repertoire of Fortnite is rather small. However, these weapons are quite interactive. Usually, high-end devices are compatible with Fortnite. Your game may lag or experience blurred graphics with a low-end device.

4. Free Fire:

Released a few months after PUBG, the gameplay of Free Fire and PUBG is quite similar. However, PUBG offers richer graphics than Free Fire. But this game surely gave PUBG a run for their money.

For classic mode, Free Fire offers 6 different maps. Within each map, there are multiple locations where you can loot. However, the loot does not come easy in Free Fire and you may have to explore different locations before getting ready to take on the fight.

Other than this, Free Fire provides different modes including Team Deathmatch, Rampage, and many others. You can get your hands on 70 different weapons, ranging from shotguns to snipers. Moreover, assault rifles and SMGs are also available. Graphics-wise, Free Fire can be compatible with low-end devices as well.

5. Apex Legends:

Offering a set of 11 maps, Apex Legends provides a diversified playing field to gamers. This game is considered a rival of Fortnite by gaming gurus. Mainly because of its gameplay which is somewhat similar to Fortnite.

Along with the classic Battle Royale mode, there are 7 different modes that you can play. These modes include training, firing range, Battle Royale duo and trio, ranked leagues, and the mixtape (control, gun run, and team deathmatch).

Around 29 weapons are available to rampage your opponents in the game. Out of 29, 21 weapons are derived from the Titanfall Series. These weapons include SMGs, shotguns, machine guns, and many others.

However, this game is not compatible with all devices. Outdated Android versions may not support it. The game is quite heavy, so you may need to free up some space before playing.

Bottom Line:

Having friends to play Battle Royale can be a luxury. However, the decision becomes difficult with so many quality Battle Royales available. With this article, you may get an idea of what game to play next.

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