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How Often Should HVAC Be Serviced?

Regular HVAC servicing can help promote your system’s efficiency. During servicing, your technician can provide HVAC services like refrigerant level testing, condenser coil inspection, and air filter cleaning.

Regular checks can help them identify and fix potential issues before they affect your unit’s operation. 

When To Schedule HVAC Services

Professionals recommend annual service checks to keep HVAC units functioning optimally. You can also schedule your tune-ups more often, depending on your HVAC contractor’s recommendations after assessing your unit.

The best time to have your HVAC serviced is during spring or fall. Technicians can be in high demand during the summer because that is when most people want their HVAC to perform optimally.

If you are unable to book your servicing early, you may have to put up with the summer’s unbearable heat without your AC. 

Winter servicing isn’t recommended because of the season’s low temperature. If you run your AC during winter, the oil inside can thicken, affecting circulation.

Reduced circulation can result in system malfunction. Discuss your options for HVAC services with your contractor if you’re forced to schedule your servicing during the winter. 

Services Included in HVAC Tune-ups

The services provided during HVAC tune-ups depend on your unit type and the contractor you hire. Some contractors offer more extensive services than others, so compare your options. Here are some must-have services to look for when choosing your contractor:

Refrigerant Level Testing 

The refrigerant is a core HVAC component as it absorbs and releases heat, allowing you to maintain an optimal temperature. A refrigerant leak can be problematic as it can cause ice in the evaporator coil and damage the compressor, impacting your unit’s functionality.

Professional HVAC contractors assess refrigerant levels during servicing to prevent such occurrences. To determine if you have a refrigerant leak, your contractor may look for signs like water around the furnace, frost on copper lines, and hissing sounds from the evaporator coil or condenser. If you do, they’ll fix the leak and adjust your refrigerant level to allow your system to function optimally. 


Your HVAC system contains moving parts like motors, bearings, and fan blades. Proper lubrication can reduce metal-to-metal contact between the moving parts by forming a thin film between them.

This can extend the parts’ lifespan, allowing your unit to operate optimally for longer. While lubrication may appear easy, it’s best left to your HVAC contractor during servicing for your safety and to prevent system damage. 

Condenser Coil Inspection 

An HVAC unit’s condenser coil helps keep your home cool by releasing unwanted heat to the outside air. Since it’s an outdoor component, it’s susceptible to dirt and debris. If left unserviced for too long, the debris can cause clogging, making it harder for the condenser to release heat.

It can also cause the condenser to overheat, increasing its likelihood of malfunctioning. HVAC contractors inspect and clean condenser coils during servicing to remove debris. Professional cleaning can allow your unit to function optimally, resulting in a cooler home and a longer-lasting condenser coil. 

Air Filter Cleaning or Replacement 

Air filters clean air entering your system by removing foreign particles like dust and pollen. Over time, the particles can collect on the filters, causing clogs.

This can reduce airflow in your system, forcing your fans to work harder. It can also allow contaminants back into your home, affecting indoor air quality. Servicing prevents clogging as it includes inspecting and cleaning or replacing your air filters, if necessary.

A replacement is required if your system has disposable filters, as they’re typically made of materials like cardboard and paper, which shouldn’t be washed. 

Service Your HVAC Today

Your HVAC unit should be serviced at least once a year for optimal performance. Servicing allows professionals to identify and fix issues early.

Find a reliable HVAC contractor and subscribe to their service plan. HVAC service plan customers can often enjoy perks like timely HVAC services or discounts.

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