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How Can Self Storage Property Management Services Increase Revenue?

An experienced property management company for self storage facilities can help care for your unit and attract more customers. A well-maintained unit will save you on repair expenses and increase your revenues and profits. Here are other ways 3rd party self storage management services can improve your revenue:

Boosting the Customer Experience

3rd party self storage management can enhance your facility’s customer experience by promptly responding to and addressing their concerns. The management enlightens customers about various self storage unit sizes and guides them in choosing the ideal units. This may help enhance client satisfaction and enable them to properly use the available self storage space.

The management may also promote efficient communication with remote customers through live chats, emails, and calls. This helps improve how customers engage with you and your retention rates. Maintaining quality communication and relationships with customers may encourage honest feedback. Customer feedback can help you make proper changes to grow your facility and increase its revenue.

Making Your Staff More Productive

An experienced self storage property manager can train you or your staff to perform various duties more efficiently. 3rd party management may teach you how to interact with the customers, keep time, and create proper staff schedules. Self-storage property management companies work with the available staff to maintain clean and well-organized storage spaces. Your self storage property managers may also recruit more staff to improve daily operational efficiency.

Implementing New Technological Solutions

Self storage property management provides technological solutions to automate and optimize your unit’s routine operations. The services help streamline and simplify tasks like inventory monitoring, reporting, and document management. Some technologies integrated with property management software for optimized revenue generation include revenue cycle management and workforce management software.

Handling Accounting and Financial Tasks

Self storage property managers provide bookkeeping services to help you manage your expenditures and maximize income. They help prevent inaccurate billing, budgeting, and other accounting errors that cause financial losses. Their services can help manage accounts payable and reconcile bank statements to prevent fraud and enhance your self storage unit’s financial health. Outsourcing 3rd party management helps promote compliance and financial transparency or accountability due to regular auditing. Common audits done by 3rd party management companies may include a cash count, inventory count, and software restriction audits.

Managing Tenants

Property management companies for self storage facilities will help anyone interested in renting your unit navigate the rental process easily. The managers will help tenants understand, fill out, and submit rental agreements. They also manage self storage unit tenants by preparing lease contracts, collecting payments, and monitoring leases. 3rd party management handles issues like late payments, rent errors, damage to your unit, and evictions. Self-storage property managers maintain clean, orderly facilities to attract more tenants and help you increase your revenue.

Improving Safety and Security

Self-storage property management prioritizes the security of their clients’ facilities to prevent possible financial losses. They conduct background checks to determine appropriate security measures for your unit. 3rd party management may help make your facility more secure by adding surveillance, locking systems, alarms, and gate access systems. The management can also hire security guards to monitor a storage unit and mitigate theft or vandalism. A facility with adequate security measures may be able to generate higher revenue by attracting more customers.

Outsource 3rd Party Self Storage Management

3rd party self-storage management can help make your self storage business flexible and scalable. The services will increase revenue by improving a storage unit’s daily operations and attracting more customers. 3rd party management also comes with expertise and tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals. Start your search for a reputable storage management company today.

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