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5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Lawn Fertilizing Service

A well-maintained lawn can improve the appearance of residential and commercial properties. Grass lawns require regular fertilization along with other lawn-care services.

Hiring a professional lawn care company to fertilize your lawn eliminates the question of which chemicals to use and when.

Here are five more reasons to hire a skilled lawn fertilizer service to maintain and beautify your lawn: 

1. Better Aeration

A professional lawn fertilizer service can help you determine whether your soil needs to be aerated before using fertilizer. If your thatch depth is half an inch or greater, you may need to aerate your lawn for the fertilizers to be as effective as possible.

Avoiding aeration may cause your grass to struggle to grow and look lush after irrigation and fertilization. Skilled lawn fertilizing experts understand the types of grasses and soils that need aeration to thrive.

They will identify whether your lawn needs to be aerated and determine the best time and method to aerate before applying fertilizer.

A recognized lawn fertilizing service should have the equipment to aerate your soil by creating small holes in its surface, helping fertilizers get to the roots of your grass. 

2. Local Environment Knowledge and Expertise

Professional lawn fertilization services have experts who understand the local weather and use their knowledge to improve your lawn’s appearance. They can help you prepare your lawn for snow, extreme heat, or heavy rain, depending on your location.

Reputable lawn fertilizing experts understand the bugs and diseases that are typical in your area and can help you adopt a proactive approach to lawn maintenance. They also consider the soil types in the area when selecting the appropriate methods of lawn preparation and fertilizer application.

Hiring fertilization specialists to care for your home’s or business’s lawn gives you access to unique fertilizer solutions that meet the specific needs of your lawn. With their help, you can draft a long-term plan to maintain the appearance and health of your lawn. 

3. Effective Grub Control

Skilled lawn fertilization providers may seed and fertilize your lawn to repair damage caused by grubs. Applying fertilizer and re-seeding can help the grass become longer and thicker, deterring the breeding of grubs.

A lawn fertilizer service can help you prepare your lawn in the spring to prevent grub infestation during the summer.

Lawn fertilizer services can also inform you of insecticide products and application practices to help reduce grubs in your lawn. 

4. Better Cost Efficiency

An expert in lawn care can help you get the best fertilization results the first time. When fertilizing yourself, you may make mistakes that require you to repeat the processes or repair your lawn.

This can lead to additional lawn-care costs. Lawn care products can be costly, and many product types are available.

Qualified lawn fertilization services have the proper knowledge, expertise, and equipment to select the right fertilizer for your lawn and help you save money. Hiring a professional lawn fertilizer service may also reduce the need for frequent lawn treatment and maintenance.

5. Effective Disease Control

Reputable lawn fertilization services can help you determine the right fertilizer for your lawn to help it resist diseases. These experts understand how much product to apply to maintain a healthy green lawn.

Experts in lawn care can discern lawn diseases such as dollar spot, necrotic ring spot, and lawn leaf spot. This helps them determine the best fertilizer to treat and prevent diseases in your lawn.

Skilled lawn fertilizing service providers may administer disease prevention treatments like biologically active fertilizer. This helps to lower the incidence of necrotic ring spot disease in your lawn. 

Hire a Lawn Fertilizer Service Provider 

Professional lawn fertilizing companies perform lawn maintenance services like aeration, grub control, and disease prevention to enhance the effects of fertilizer.

These services can help you save time and money on lawn care in the future. Experienced lawn fertilization services also use their knowledge of the local environment to help your lawn adapt to your area’s soil and weather conditions.

Contact a lawn fertilization provider today to learn more about how they can help keep your residential or commercial lawn green and healthy. 

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