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5 Quality Bulk Towels for Airbnb Rentals

High-quality towels help create a comfortable stay for your Airbnb guests. When guests feel comfortable and well-cared for, they may be more likely to leave positive post-stay feedback.

There are many types and qualities of towels, each with a specific purpose, that add to your guests’ experiences. Here are some types of bulk towels to purchase for your Airbnb rental: 

1. Washcloths

Bulk washcloths are small, square pieces of fabric used for bathing or showering. These types of bulk towels are made with soft materials like cotton or microfiber, making them gentle on the skin. Washcloths lather soap or body wash, exfoliate dead skin cells, and rinse away dirt and impurities.

They are easy to handle because of their small size. Guests can also use them for other purposes, like wiping down surfaces or cleaning up spills. 

2. Hand Towels

Hand towels are small towels commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. They’re larger than washcloths but smaller than bath towels. You can place these towels near sinks or countertops for quick hand drying.

Decorative hand towels make bathrooms more elegant with features such as rich colors and embroidery. Their smaller size makes them easy to handle and launder, making them a practical choice for everyday use. They are also easier to store on countertops with limited space. 

3. Bath Towels

Bulk bath towels are a must-have in main and guest bathrooms. They are used for drying off after a bath or shower, and can be used in place of pool towels. Many bulk bath towels are made of absorbent materials such as cotton or bamboo blends.

Others are a blend of synthetic fibers that soak up moisture from the body and bathroom surfaces. High-quality bath towels are thicker and have a softer feel than standard towels. 

4. Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels quickly soak up spills and moisture to keep your kitchen clean. These towels are available in various sizes, such as small hand towels to large dish towels.

Guests use hand towels to dry their hands and wipe down countertops. Large dish towels are suitable for drying silverware and dishes. Most kitchen towels have decorative designs that bring style to your kitchen.

Thick kitchen towels are helpful for handling hot cookware or bakeware. They can also serve as makeshift pot holders or oven mitts. Your guests can use kitchen towels to cover rising dough or to keep food warm before serving. While the towel’s soft texture prevents the dough from sticking, its breathable design maintains optimal temperature conditions for rising.

5. Makeup Removal Towels

Makeup remover towels remove makeup without additional cleansers or chemicals. These towels have tiny fibers that grab and lift makeup, dirt, and oils from the skin’s surface. The microfiber material works to break down and lift makeup particles. Because they don’t require additional products, makeup remover towels are often preferred by people with sensitive skin.

Your guests can use these towels during daily skincare routines. Since makeup remover towels are available in different sizes and colors, you can buy them in bulk in styles that match your Airbnb’s interior design and decor.

Get Bulk Towels for Your Airbnb Rentals

Keeping your Airbnb stocked with bulk, high-quality towels creates a consistent and convenient experience for guests. When you buy towels in bulk quantities, you may receive discount offers and save money over time. Contact a reputable bulk towel supplier today to learn more about stocking your rental properties.

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